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We have been informed that there are some unsolicited and unscrupulous emails circulating around the internet using the name of ‘FundsforNGOs.’ These emails relate to some false ‘investment budget.’  Please note that we have not sent any such emails to any users. This is certainly a case of phishing where spammers have faked our identity and have been misusing the name of FundsforNGOs and also providing our website link.

We are looking into this seriously and we request your kind cooperation in this regard.

If you come across any such email, kindly forward a copy to [email protected] and we will take necessary action.

Please note that we do not send any unsolicited emails and we have a strict Anti-Spam & Anti-Phishing Policy. All our emails are sent to only those subscribers who have subscribed using our double opt-in email newsletter service. All our email newsletters have a one-click unsubscribe option to allow our subscribers to unsubscribe freely anytime. Learn more here.

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