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Submission Guidelines
  1. We only accept submission of grant opportunities, funding announcements, endowments, donations, fellowships, sponsorships, scholarships, awards, prizes, training programs, Job Opportunity, Conference, Workshop, event or resources that are free for applicants to apply. We reject submissions that charge money from applicants. If you wish to use our platform to publicise a paid opportunity, then please visit our Advertising page
  2. Submissions should be related to the nonprofit sector. We have a niche-based audience and our content is shaped according to their interests. Therefore, submissions should match with their interests so that we can publish them on our website. If the submission does not suit our audience, we reserve the right not to publish it.
  3. Publishing a valid opportunity on fundsforNGOs is free. We do not charge any money for publishing it once on our website, newsletters and social media channels. However, if you wish to increase the exposure of your opportunity to a large audience, or use our internal mechanisms to target a certain group of users, for example an audience from a specific country, then you may opt for our Advertising options.
  4. All submissions are subject to review. Please note that our Editorial Team is responsible for reviewing and publishing your submission according to our guidelines. 
  5. Submission should be made using your official email address only. We will not consider submissions made using generic email providers or non-organizational email addresses. Email addresses will not be shared publicly.
  6. All submissions should have an official website URL where users from our site can be redirected to. The website should belong to your organization. If you wish to use our platform to handle your applications, please contact us.
  7. We publish the submissions according to the order we receive them. Depending upon the volume of the submissions we receive,  it may take up to 7 days for it to be published. If you wish to speed up the publishing process of your submission, then you may explore our advertising options.
  8. Once the opportunity is published, you can also request for any modifications in the posting such as the extension of deadline by contacting us.
  9. FUNDSFORNGOS, LLC will not be held liable for any errors, infringements or other unlawful activity associated with your submission.
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