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Are you a donor agency or a sponsoring organization providing grants, awards, trainings, scholarships, jobs or fellowships for NGOs and/or individuals? Do you wish to publicize your opportunity by getting it listed on If yes, then use the form below to provide details of your opportunity. Our editorial team will review it and if it meets our submission guidelines, we will publish it on our website and/or disseminate it through our online newsletters.

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Submission Guidelines:

  1. Submission of this form does not mean that your opportunity will be posted on the website. It will be taken for consideration by our editorial team, which will make the final decision for publishing it after considering its relevance, usefulness and popularity amongst our audience.
  2. We only encourage submission of free opportunities for NGOs and/or individuals promising full or partial support to applicants. If your training, conference or award is charging any fee from the applicants, we will not be able to publish it on our website. For such organizers, we advise you to explore our advertising options.
  3. All submissions should include an external link to the official website of the opportunity.
  4. Depending upon the number of submissions we receive, it can take from 1 to 7 days for your submission to be reviewed and published on the website. However, if your opportunity deadline is close enough, we will give top priority to it.
  5. Once the opportunity is published, you can also request for any modifications in the posting such as the extension of deadline.
  6. FUNDSFORNGOS, LLC and its website, will not be held liable for any errors, infringements or other unlawful activity associated with your submission.
  7. For any queries and clarifications, contact us here.