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How did you like fundsforNGOs website?

"I want to thank you for your good work. It is of great help to small NGOs like us. I hope you continue to provide this much needed service. Thank you once again" 

Dr. Michel Bengwayan, Philippines

"Thank you for the good work you are doing and this vision to a better world for everyone. You are the secret that most people have not discovered but I feel it is now reaching to global community and the site is very good for people looking to bring change to community they live in. Thank you again" 

John Ahaya Malamba, Kenya

"Excellent! More informative and useful for an NGO which has limited resources and access to information network and engaged in remote and underserved area" 

Dr Ranjan Sinha, India

"Thanks for providing these valuable information. For sure many NGOs benefit from this website. Thanks again" 

Ayoub, Iraq